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Best Acrylic Rug Yarn for Rug Tufting. 100% Made by Acrylic, these acrylic rug tufting yarns work perfectly for rug making and punch-needle embroidery. Order Yours Now

What better thing to do than tuft right away? Our finest Acrylic Rug Yarn is the premium standard for making your own tuft designs at home! It’s constructed perfectly for rug making, offering punch-needle embroidery, weaving, textile craftwork, and anything else that you had in mind.

This extra soft yet durable yarn is also available in multiple colors. Pick the one you like best to create the masterpiece you’ve always wanted!

Key Features: 

  • 100% Acrylics
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Exceptionally soft and durable 
  • Fast Shipping 
  • Money-Back Guarantee! 
  • Multiple orders for a discount! 


  • Weight / Length:
    • 0.44lb (200g) / 220 Yard
    • 0.88lb (400g) / 440 Yard
    • 2.2lb (1000g) / 1100 Yard
  • 100% Acrylic
  • Yarn count: 8/37
  • 400g is about 438meters = 478yard

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