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Rug Tufting Machine Buyer’s guide: The Best Tufting Gun in 2022

You may have heard of the tufting gun if you have worked with yarn or rugs before. If you know nothing or even just a little bit about tufting guns, then you may want some more information about them, and perhaps you would even like to purchase one.

Below, you will find all the essential information about tufting guns and tufting supplies available from the online merchant known as Let’sTuft. Tufting is a beautiful activity that always creates a beautiful finished product that you can be proud of.

Crafting rugs with tufting guns can be fun and even profitable as you can sell these rugs and even potentially make extra cash if you wish. Before you can begin, you have to know something about tufting, tufting guns, and tufting supplies to decide what type of tufting gun you may want and what is available.

Getting all the information you need to decide on purchasing is the next logical step. Once you have the information you need, you can make a purchase decision if that is what you choose to do in an informed way to be aware of what you’re getting into.

Let’s take a closer look at tufting here below:

What is a Tufting Gun?

Tufting guns are used to create rugs. These devices are handheld machines used to tufting material into a rug. These rug machines are much faster than latch hooks or punch needles that would ordinarily be used. These machines are very fast, and even large rugs can be created within a short period, such as a few hours. 

What is a Tufting Gun?

Tufting guns are kind of cool-looking yet ultimately very functional. They are exceptionally quick and hold quite an advantage over traditional weaving or other techniques. Tufting guns are held in the palm of your hand and have cords that connect to electrical sources.

How does a Tufting Gun Work?

Tufting guns essentially work as a handheld sewing machine. They contain a foot that rests against the material being worked on, with a large needle protruding from the gun and pushing yarn through the material, leaving a little on the other side. 

Depending on the type of tufting gun that gets used, or the settings being used in the particular gun, the gun will leave a strand or cut pile or loop or loop pile on the other side of the material being worked on.

Cut Pile Tufting Guns versus Loop Pile Tufting Guns

Before you purchase a tufting gun, you’re going to have to decide what kind of gun you want. If you get the cut pile tufting gun, this gun will leave a cut pile on the other side of the material. If you get a loop pile gun, you will get a loop pile on the other side of the material when you finish working.

There is a big difference between the two types of guns and the result you get when you are performing your work. Some types of guns can do both kinds of work, but they are more expensive and not made for beginners.

The real difference between the two types of guns has to do with what the material you’re working on will look and feel like when it’s finished. Cut pile guns will leave a neat fabric surface on the finished product, and loop pile guns will leave a loopy loose type of surface.

Cut Pile VS Loop Pile

It’s really up to you which type of gun you want, and the only difference is going to be on the surface of the fabric of the finished product (rug).

Best Tufting Guns for Beginners

If you’re just getting started out tufting, you may not want the most expensive model of tufting gun on the market. Thank goodness there is a good supplier of beginner tufting guns that are also suitable for more advanced to work as you get better. Let’sTuft has cut pile tufting guns and loop pile tufting guns available.

Where to Buy Tufting Guns (Let’sTuft)

Let’sTuft at offers up a selection of cut pile tufting guns and loop pile tufting guns as well as other tufting supplies. Let’stuft is a woman-owned business and is a reliable source of tufting guns and tufting supplies.

LetsTuft Cut Pile Tufting Gun

Let’sTuft offers cut pile tufting guns with various features perfect for the beginning tufter. These machines weigh only 5.51 lbs and create 5 to 40 stitches a second. These quality guns are powered by a 24-volt adapter from a 100 a to 240-volt electrical source. 

They include short circuits, overcurrent, and over-voltage protection. The finished pile height will be 4 to 13 mm, and a light dusting can easily maintain these wonderful machines.

LetsTuft Loop Pile Tufting Guns

Also available at Let’sTuft is the loop pile tufting gun. Weighing in at only 3.04 lbs, this 66-watt machine gains power from a 24-volt adapter from a 100-240 volt power source. They also create 5-40 stitches a second. 

Again, short circuit, overcurrent, and over-voltage protection are part of the safety features of this great little gun. They fit neatly in the palm of your hand at only 13″ by 1″1 by 3″. Tufting guns are always simple to maintain, and regular dusting is all it takes.

Other Tufting Supplies

There are a variety of other tufting supplies available from Let’sTuft, including but not limited to the following list of materials:

Primary Tufting Cloth and Non-Slip Backing Cloth

Primary tufting cloth available at Let’sTuft is fabricated by a 35% cotton/65% polyester blend, has a density of 26 by 26 stitches per square inch, and weighs about 2 lb per yard. This cloth also features double weft and double warp with mark lines woven throughout that are perfect for the hobbyist rug tufter.

The cloth default width is about 1″ to 39,” and you can choose the quantity you need from 1 to 3 meters with a maximum length of 10 meters, and the cloth price is too big will accrue a discount reflected in your final price. 

Non-slip final backing cloth is also available to finish your project with the cloth width being 1″ to 39,” and you can choose your length from 1 to 3 meters, up to 10 meters, again with pricing discounts after 2 meters.

Rug Yarns

Let’sTuft offers a wide variety of colors in their rug yarns. These are the best rug yarns for tufting guns. They are 100% acrylic and work perfectly for rug making, weaving, or anything else that yarn is used for.

The soft yet durable rug yarn works ideally with Let’sTuft tufting guns, and they come in three different sizes so you can get exactly what you need for your projects.

Tufting Frame and Frame Grippers

The tufting frames offered by Let’sTuft will accommodate projects up to 28″ by 28″ and include support cones as well as yarn feeders to assist you while you labor. These are easy to assemble frames that ship flat and include all the necessary parts, including carpet grippers and guide hooks for your yarn.

Rug Adhesive

Rug Adhesive is sometimes available at Let’sTuft, but not currently. It is available at craft supply stores or online.

How to Begin

If you are excited to begin tufting and are a beginner, you will want to think about your decision to get a tufting gun carefully. You may not feel you have all the information you need to decide.

It’s perfectly okay. If you feel you have enough knowledge and you are ready to get going, visiting the Let’sTuft is the next logical step. You can read more about tufting online, where tufting information is available, and learn more about the craft before you dive in.

The guns offered on this website are not cheap, yet they are a good value and are very high quality, unlike cheap knock-off guns that will fall apart shortly after purchase. Taking the time to understand your gun and how it works when you get it is also essential. You will want to do some practice before you really get to work on a piece that you want to keep. 

Getting some practice materials and spending the time to learn how the gun operates and watching it for yourself is a great idea. Before ordering your gun, make sure that you can afford the gun and the materials necessary to perform the work. Once you have a budget in mind and are ready to order, you have to go online and pick the gun you want and the materials to go with it.

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