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While some tufters will do only cut pile tufting, and others will do loop pile tufting, many enjoy going back and forth to get their projects done right. This 2-in-1 carpet tufting gun will help you to enjoy the process of getting whatever tufting project that you want to without having to change your supplies and tools.

High-density rugs

The stitching mechanism makes the most constant and dense stitches automatically giving the premium look you were aiming for.

Maximum durability

Even though all our tufting machines are industrial machines built for professional tufters who use this machine 8 hours a day, this tufting gun is equipped with an extra durable motor.

Maximum control

Due to its fine needle, the tufting gun allows you to control your machine and make curves more easily. The newest model comes with a built-in speed regulator for high and low-speed tufting.

Specifics of the Tufting gun cut and loop:

Loop Pile Height range: 6-12mm

Cut Pile Height range: 9-18mm

Please note that this machine is much heavier than the other tufting guns

Item weight:6.17 lb / 2.8 kg
17″ x 8.7″ x 3.2″ /
43 × 22 × 8 cm
Voltage Range:100-240V
Motor Speed:2400 rpm
Pile height:9-18 mm
Input Power:240W
Safety protection:Short Circuit, Over-current and
Overvoltage protection


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