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How To Clean Handmade Tufted Rugs

How To Clean Handmade Tufted Rugs

Whether you have made your handmade tufted rug yourself or you bought it, it still is a precious item in your house. You want to keep it clean and maintain it to give it a few extra years of life. But most of all, you want to avoid stains, pet hair, and dirt from finding their way inside the pile. 

To keep your handmade tufted rug clean you need to vacuum it regularly. Check for any stains on the rug and get them cleaned up as soon as you see them. If you have pets, then you should vacuum the hair off every other day. You should never steam clean the tufted rug. That would cause the colors to fade and could damage the pile of the rug in the process.

To prolong the life of the rug you should place a pad under it. This will prevent wear and tear and keep it clean for longer. Read more to find out the best way you can clean handmade tufted rugs.

Vacuum the Tufted Rugs

For the most part, cleaning the handmade tufted rug would be all about vacuuming it. The vacuum cleaner sucks all the dirt, dust, and debris out of the rug pile and keeps it looking fluffy. That said, you should keep the following tips in mind when vacuuming the rug.

Rugs Handheld Vacuums Cleaner
  • Vacuum the rug once a week. If you get lots of visitors or the house has more foot traffic, then vacuum the rug every 2 to 3 days.
  • If you have pets that shed a lot, then you should vacuum the tufted rug every other day at most. The hair carries bacteria which turns the rug into a Petri dish.
  • Run the vacuum between 3 to 5 times on the rug. Pace yourself and don’t rush it. Allow the vacuum to draw and dislodge all the hidden debris in the rug.
  • Use a suction vacuum that sucks the dust out of the rug without damaging the pile.
  • Always switch off the beater var of the vacuum.
  • Don’t use the rotary brush nozzle attachment. It can entangle the pile and ruin the tufting yarn.

Clean Stains Thoroughly

Stains and spillages are just a fact of life, especially in homes with children and pets. The key thing to remember is that you should clean the stain as soon as it happens. That way the stain won’t set which makes it harder to remove. The following tips should help you get rid of any stain on the tufted rug.

  • If the stain is used by a liquid, cover it with a clean cloth and press firmly to soak up the liquid. This applies to soda, wine, and coffee stains in particular.
  • Dry stains that have set should be soaked with hot water to soften the stain before you work on them.
  • To clean light stains such as juice and mud, mix a quarter teaspoon of white vinegar into 4 cups of warm water. Spray the liquid on the rug to get it damp then work on the stain with a dry and clean cloth.
  • Coffee and wine stains are quite difficult. Add a quarter teaspoon of dish liquid to one cup of warm water. Shake and spray the liquid on the stain to get it moist. Then blot it with a clean cloth.
  • If your dog pees on the rug, sprinkle baking soda on the wet spot and give it a few minutes to absorb the urine. If the stain is dry, spray it with water before you add the baking soda. Then vacuum the baking soda off.
  • Don’t rub the stain before treating it with the proper cleaning solution. This would push the stain deeper into the fabric of the rug.
  • If you want to use shampoo to clean the tufted rug, make sure it’s mild and doesn’t damage the pile.


One of the best ways to keep handmade tufted rugs clean is to vacuum them at least once a week. In the presence of pets and children, you should vacuum the rug every 2 to 3 days. Remove the stains as soon as they happen and before they set. 

For more tips to keep your handmade tufted rug in good shape and get a great discount on the tufting guns and other tufting supplies you need, check out our online shop.

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