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Why is my tufting gun beeping?

Why is my tufting gun beeping?

You’re in the middle of your creating an amazing rug design when your tufting gun beeping. And you have no idea what’s causing it. This can be really stressful. Let’s take a look at how to find and fix the problem, we’re going to go over all the possible reasons that might be causing your […]

What Tufting Fabric Should I Get?

Tufting Cloth 101: What Tufting Fabric Should I Get?

If you’re reading this, you are most likely an avid rug tufting enthusiast or have your own small business. Nowadays, quirky, hand-tufted rugs have become an overnight sensation on social media because of their unique, handcrafted designs.   Hand tufting a rug is a therapeutic experience, but it does take hours and hours of work to […]

Everything You Will Need to Make a Rug

Tufting Gun for Beginners: Everything You Will Need to Make a Rug

What exactly is tufting and what is tufting gun? By definition, it is a cluster of fibers (yarn, hair, grass, etc.) attached to a base and bunched together. A quick example of this would be a simple carpet or rug inside our own homes. We all have seen a rug or two at least once […]

Cut Pile Tufting Gun vs Loop Pile Tufting Gun

Cut Pile Tufting Gun VS Loop Pile Tufting Gun: Which rug gun should I get?

In recent years hand-making rugs have become increasingly popular. While people have been stuck at home during various lockdowns due to Covid-19 many have turned to learning a new craft.  Rug tufting involves using a tufting gun to hook or punch yarn into fabric to create your rug design. The invention of the tufting gun […]

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