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New Tufting Gun TG-09 is availabe on LetsTuft now. TG-09 Series Tufting Machine comes with 2 colors: Pink Tufting Gun and Blue Tufting Gun; And they are 2-in-1 rug making machines, you can change cut pile to loop pile easily, which meet all kind of your tufting works.

The improvements we made in the new rug guns’ appearance and functions:

  1. Put the motor inside the tufting machine, make it safer when tufting;
  2. Change the big white plastic gears to small metal robotic arms, reduce the risk of hair and yarn thread sticking;
  3. Make it easier to adjust pile height. You can directly adjust the needle distance to change the pile height, instead of tedious operation of adjusting the bearing .
  4. The brake system is upgraded to a non-contact magnetic brake, which eliminates the problem of automatic wiring
  5. The new design structure of the whole tufting machine is more reasonable, you will get a better experience while tufting.


  • Adjustable speed range: 5-45 stitches per second.
  • Adjustable pile range: 7-21 mm
  • Voltage: 100v-240v
  • Power:70w
  • Lighter weight(only 1.4 kg)

Parcel package:

  • 1 * Electric tufting gun (Cut Pile +Loop Pile)
  • 1 * Loop needle
  • 2 * Cut scissors
  • 1 * Yarn Threader


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